The race track produced several lines of racing all night long which in turns produced some wild and crazy finishes on Karl Performance Night at the Speedway.

First feature on the track for the night was the IMCA Sport Compacts ten lap feature and it was David Moorman grabbing the lead on lap one. Moorman, Merv Chandler and John Gill battled for the lead and Chandler grabbed the top spot on lap two. Chandler held off several challenges from Moorman and Gill to take the win. Toby Denning was fourth and Jeremy Lerch, first time vistior finish in fifth.

Bret Moyer grabbed the early lead in the Karl Chevrolet Dirt Truck feature  but just after the completion of lap two the caution waved when Carl Knight lost the handle collecting Tony Moro. Moro rolled three to four times in turn 2 forcing the red flag, both drivers were okay. Moyer got a great restart and went on to lead the last thirteen laps with no problem to take the win. Brad Moyer finish second, Pat Fagen held off Carl Moyer for third and Rick Clark was fifth.

In the Toby K’s Hideaway Mod Lite feature it was Mike Kennedy getting an awesome start from his inside second row starting spot to take the lead. Kennedy and the field saw the only yellow wave on lap 2 but that didn’t faze Kennedy. Josh May started ninth and worked his way up through the field to take the lead away on lap 8. May went on to take the win over Andy Hennigar, Eric Hendrickson, Charlie Brown and Randy Bryan.

Coty Albers snagged the early lead in the Big 8 Tyre Center IMCA SportMods feature but the caution waved on lap 2 when Mike Stark slipped up hit the wall and came back down collecting Johnathan Logue. Albers resumed command out front but the caution waved three more times over the next 2 laps. Clint Luellen grabbed the lead away from Albers on lap 6. Luellen opened up the door for Austin Kaplan on lap 11 and Kaplan grabbed the lead. Kaplan looked to be heading on to the win but he slipped up a bit and it allowed Travis Peterson to sneak around to grabbed the top spot on lap 17. Peterson went on to take his 2nd win of the season at Marshalltown over Kaplan, Clint Luellen, Jared Van Deest and Ty Luellen.

Mitchell Thomas lead the first five laps in the Mike’s Hard Lemonade IMCA Hobby Stock feature but the caution waved when Eric Larson and Jennifer Hulin got together in turn 3. On the restart, Thomas was passed by the Racing Veteran Bill Bonnett. Bonnett went on to take the win over Nick Murty, Austin Luellen, Garrett Eilander and Brandon Pruitt.

The Amsoil IMCA Stock Car Feature saw Justin Temeyer grab the early lead but the caution waved on lap two. Temeyer was passed by Jay Schmidt on the restart. Despite the pair of cautions on lap four or lap traffic late in the race, Schmidt was not to be denied the win. Steve Meyer stated nineth and finish 2nd, Derek Reimer was 3rd, Damon Murty started twelve th and finish 4th meanwhile Tracy Gienger came home fifth.

Final Feature of the night was the Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel IMCA Modifieds feautre and it was Cayden Carter grabbing the lead in which he held on to until the caution came out on lap 9. Carter had to deal with Ronn Lauritzen and Jon Snyder on the restart, Lauritzen grabbed the lead on lap 10, Carter again on lap 11. Lauritzen took the lead back on lap twelve but Jon Snyder said it was his turn as he took the lead on lap 13. Carter didn’t give up as he came back to grab the lead on lap 15 and just shortly after the yellow waved again setting up a 5 lap dash to the finish. Carter and Snyder battled it out for the lead again on the restart, Snyder took the lead away on lap 17 but Carter came back to take the lead on lap 19. Snyder and Carter battled but it was Carter taking the win with Snyder in 2nd. Luke Wanninger, Richie Gustin and Lauritzen rounded out the top 5.

Next Friday Night will be Wolf Seeds Night at the Marshalltown Speedway. Grandstands are $9 for Adults, Children 11 and under is $2. Hot Laps at 7 pm and Racing at 7:30 pm

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Marshalltown Speedway Results
June 7th , 2013

Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel IMCA Modifieds

Heat 1
: 20W Shay Woods - K1 Kyle Krampe - 19G Richie Gustin Jr.
Heat 2: 69X Jon Snyder - 20 Luke Wanninger - 21K Kyle Brown
Heat 3: 10C Cayden Carter - 10K Ronn Lauritzen - 19 Jimmy Gustin

: 1. 10C Cayden Carter (Oskaloosa); 2. 69X Jon Snyder (Ames); 3. 20 Luke Wanninger (Minburn); 4. 19G Richie Gustin Jr. (Gilman); 5. 10K Ronn Lauritzen (Jesup); 6. 505 Racer Hulin (Laurel); 7. 47 Josh Truman (Indianola); 8. 43S Scott Simatovich (State Center); 9. 19 Jimmy Gustin (Marshalltown); 10. 21K Kyle Brown (Kellogg); 11. 99M Tim Murty (Tama); 12. 21 David Brown (Kellogg); 13. 26Z Zach Hensley (Green River, WY); 14. 12 Andrew Kinser (State Center); 15. 20W Shay Woods (Humeston); 16. 2Z Zach Rawlins (Kellogg); 17. K1 Kyle Krampe (Baxter)

Amsoil IMCA Stock Cars
Heat 1
: 12K Eric Knutson - 94 Steve Meyer - 24 Eric Brown
Heat 2: 17R Derek Reimer - 56T Justin Temeyer - 3W Jeff Wollam
Heat 3: 19J Jay Schmidt -  59 Tracy Gienger - 22R Todd Reitzler

: 1. 19J Jay Schmidt (Tama); 2. 94 Steve Meyer (Grundy Center); 3. 17R Derek Reimber (Marshalltown); 4. 99D Damon Murty (Chelsea); 5. 59 Tracy Gienger (Newton); 6. 56T Justin Temeyer (Independence); 7. 24 Eric Brown (Boone); 8. 22R Todd Reitzler (Grinnell); 9. 3W Jeff Wollam (Marshalltown); 10. 12K Eric Knutson (Slater); 11. K17 Rick Kriegel (Brooklyn); 12. 44 Todd Fisher (Carlisle); 13. 6R Adam Rickett (Marshalltown); 14. 52 Robert Engelkes (Dike); 15. 46B Michael Bilyeu (Indianola); 16. 52E Mitchell Engelkes (Dike); 17. 042 Doug Russell (Conrad); 18. 196 Chuck Davis; 19. 199 Nick Thelen (Kellogg); 20. 45 Matt Deaton (Newton); 21. 47 Scott Pippert (Elberon); 22. 25M Michael Murphy (Jefferson); 23. 50X Kevin Balmer (Garwin)

Big 8 Tyre Center IMCA SportMods
Heat 1
: 02A Coty Albers - 9E Eric Elliott - 69JR Johnathan Logue
Heat 2: 80J Jared Van Deest - 25 Travis Peterson - 2G Geoff Olson
Heat 3: 19J Jenae Gustin - 3L Clint Luellen - 25R Chad Ryerson
Heat 4: 777 Jayme Duinink - 32N Neil Follett - 26J Joel Rust

B-Feature (top 4 transfer) : 1. 8B Brad Iverson; 2. 40S Shawn Simatovich; 3. 22A Shawn Albers; 4. 33R DJ Robinson; 5. CH19 Colby Heishman (Brooklyn); 6. 99B Jim Bonschmit (Clemons); 7. 3 Bradlee Clark (Ames); 8. 44G Bradly Graham (Brooklyn); 9. 49 Brandon Smith (Waterloo); 10. 7R Ryan Ashton (Beaman); 11. 13T Mike Timm (Mingo)

Feature: 1. 25 Travis Peterson (Gladbrook); 2. 1 Austin Kaplan (Ankeny); 3. 3L Clint Luellen (Minburn); 4. 80J Jared Van Deest (Grundy Center); 5. 32L Ty Luellen (Minburn); 6. 19J Jenae Gustin (Marshalltown); 7. 2G Geoff Olson (West Des Moines); 8. 777 Jayme Duinink (Pella); 9. 95J Jason Hall (Grinnell); 10. 22A Shawn Albers (Wellsburg); 11. 33R DJ Robinson (Ankeny); 12. T17 Tom Rawlins (Kellogg); 13. 98 Bill Hildreth (Marshalltown); 14. 23K Ben Kates (Tonganoxie, KS); 15. 32N Neil Follett (Conrad); 16. 40S Shawn Simatovich (Gilman); 17. 02A Coty Albers (Wellsburg); 18. 9E Eric Elliott (Boone); 19. 8B Brad Iverson (Grinnell); 20. 26J Joel Rust (Grundy Center); 21. 25R Chad Ryerson (Wellsburg); 22. 57R Ryan King (Marshalltown); 23. 69JR Johnathan Logue (Boone); 24. 93 Mike Stark (West Des Moines)

Mike’s Hard Lemonade IMCA Hobby Stocks
Heat 1: 3X Scott Durlin - 19 Bill Bonnett - 14T Mitchell Thomas
Heat 2: 20E Eric Larson - 4 Matt Sorenson - 7B Eric Stanton
Heat 3: 99JR Nick Murty - 26 Brice Udelhoven - 3A Austin Luellen

: 1. 19 Bill Bonnett (Knoxville); 2. 99JR Nick Murty (Chelsea); 3. 3A Austin Luellen (Minburn); 4. 500 Garrett Eilander (Newton); 5. 10B Brandon Pruitt (Dexter); 6. 17F Lee Farmer (Bethany, MO); 7. 2013 August Bach (Newton); 8. 3W Matt Hudspeth (Ames); 9. 83 Eugene Nicklas (Grinnell); 10. 3X Scott Durlin (State Center); 11. 26 Brice Udelhoven (Newton); 12. 14T Mitchell Thomas (Marshalltown); 13. 2 Nick Welch (Cedar Falls); 14. 4X Gary Pfantz (State Center); 15. 51D Dustin Filloon (Toledo); 16. 4 Matt Sorenson (Ames); 17. 2N Donavon Nunnikhoven (Sully); 18. 82 Jennifer Hulin (Marshalltown); 19. 88 CJ Dall (Marshalltown); 20. 17 Andy Peck (Newton); 21. 7B Eric Stanton (Hartford); 22. 05 Jason Cox (Maxwell); 23. 20E Eric Larson (Holland); 24. 77C Andy Coffman (Des Moines)

Toby K’s Hideaway Mod Lites
Heat 1
: 82 Charlie Brown - 15 Andy Hennigar - 66F Eric Hendrickson
Heat 2: 99 Josh May - 8 Dusty Masolini - 6 Mike Morrill

Feature: 1. 99 Josh May (De Soto); 2. 15 Andy Hennigar (Ankeny); 3. 66F Eric Hendrickson (Ankeny); 5. 82 Charlie Brown (Nevada); 6. 64 Randy Bryan (Ames); 7. 8 Dusty Masolini (Des Moines); 8. 6 Mike Morrill (Altoona); 9. 28 Terry Brown (Nevada); 10. 4 Travis Brandt (Des Moines); 11. 4L Larry Sorenson (Ames); 12. 9 Rick Taylor (Ames); 13. 11 Mike Stoker (Des Moines)

IMCA Sport Compacts
Heat : 02 John Gill - 2 Merv Chandler - 6M David Moorman

Feature: 1. 2 Merv Chandler (Urbana); 2. 6M David Moorman (Beaman); 3. 02 John Gill (Marshalltown); 4. 9 Toby Denning (Vinton); 5. 99J Jeremy Lerch (Vinton); 6. 49 Jim Alday (Marshalltown)

Karl Chevrolet Dirt Trucks
Heat 1
: 21 Brad Moyer - 9 Toby Denning - 25 Pat Fagen
Heat 2: 98 Bret Moyer - 2M Tony Moro - 7X Rick Clark

: 1. 98 Bret Moyer (Polk City); 2. 21 Brad Moyer (Alleman); 3. 25 Pat Fagen(Des Moines); 4. 3 Carl Moyer (Ankeny); 5. 7X Rick Clark (Des Moines); 6. 15 Allen Govig (Madrid); 7. 9 Lou Siplot (Altoona); 8. 28 Ed Nelson (Van Meter); 9. 2M Tony Moro (Polk City); 10. 23 Carl Knight (Des Moines); 11. 1 Bryan Nevins Jr. (Des Moines)

Credit: Jeremy Fox

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