Cordell Moore wins 10th Annual King of Compacts at Atomic

DRC King of Compacts
, (64 Entries)
Fast Qualifier: Matt Large 18.081
Heat Winners: Matt Large, Cordell Moore, Kyle Stephenson, Erik Vanapeldoorn
B Main Winner: Jimmy McElfresh, Gary Whitt
Feature Finish: Cordell Moore, Jay Orr, Chris Wise, Kolton Wagner, Michael Freimuth, Jack Pflum, Josh Hammond, Owen Cosman, Jake Stamper, Bill Moore, Josh Gibson, Jimmy McElfresh, Gary Whitt, Frankie King, Kyle Stephenson, Kevin Baggett, Brian Farmer, Erik Vanapeldoorn, Jacob Mckinley, Brandon Gibson Jr., Devin Puckett, Kody Buerkley, Nick Barrett, Kenny Poole,
Jester Winner (non-qualifier): Les Stephenson
Outlaw Front Wheel Drives, (14 Entries)
Heat Winners: Dennis Adkins,
Feature Finish: Dennis Adkins, Kevin Criswell, Justin Dalton, Greg Garrison, Randy Wise, Brian Arrington, Josh Ayers, Nick Barrett, Curtis Brown, Larry Moss, Dan Smith, Wes Staley, Butch Whitecotton,
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