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Jimison Lawn Care Named Sponsor of 2023 Diamond Cut Lawn Care Battle For The Belt at MRP Raceway Park

The DRC is proud to announce that Jimison Lawn Care has come on board as a sponsor of the 2023 Diamond Cut Lawn Care Battle For The Belt at Moler Raceway Park in Williamsburg, Ohio. The event is scheduled to take place on Friday Night, July 28th, 2023.

The Diamond Cut Lawn Care Battle For The Belt is one of the Cincinnati area's most prestigious events, and it has been previously won by Doug Gall, Chris Wise, and Brandon Gibson Jr. With Jimison Lawn Care's support, this year's race promises to be another exciting installment.

Jimison Lawn Care is a reliable and professional company that offers basic lawn care services for residential and commercial properties, as well as many other services to keep your lawn looking its best. They service the rural Southern Ohio area, including Adams, Brown, Clermont, and Highland Counties. Contact them today to discuss your outdoor beautification needs.

Thank you, Jimison Lawn Care, for your support of the Diamond Cut Lawn Care Battle For The Belt. We look forward to seeing you at Moler Raceway Park on July 28th!


Thurman, Ohio's Chris Wise took home the $1,000 top prize in Saturday night's Compact Classic Presented by Davidson Motorsports at Florence Speedway. 29 Cars were on hand with Darrell Newman, Kyle Ashcraft, and Chris Wise winning heat races. The event served as a tune-up for the highly anticipated $10,000 to win the 13th Annual King of Compacts Presented by Davidson Motorsports September 29th - Oct 1st. 

A Feature 1 ($1000 to win 20 Laps): 

1. 6PAC-Chris Wise[4]; - Thurman, Ohio 

 2. 23D-Justin Dalton[5]; Burlington, Kentucky

3. 54-Brandon Dalton[6]; Bowling Green, Kentucky 

4. 51M-Kevin McCoy[13]; Independence, Kentucky

5. 132X-Brandon Gibson Sr[17]; Dry Ridge, Kentucky 

6. 31S-Kenny Stewart[10]; Hebron, Kentucky

7. 0N-Ryan Eversole[11]; Burlington, Kentucky 

8. 34-Christopher Meyer[20]; Wallingford, Kentucky

9. 77C-Gage Cropper[12]; Flemingsburg, Kentucky

10. 55A-Kyle Ashcraft[2]; Burlington, Kentucky 

11. 98P-Tyler Phipps[21]; Demossville, Kentucky 

12. 95K-Jacob Todd[14]; Cincinnati, Ohio

13. 47J-Jack Pflum[7]; Cincinnati, Ohio

14. 77G-Brian Gilardi[23]; Cincinnati, Ohio

15. 23JR-Corbin Dalton[16]; Burlington, Kentucky

16. 3D-Cayden Dezarn[19]; Owenton, Kentucky

17. 55G-Brandon Greenlee[24]; Erlanger, Kentucky 

18. A66-Brett Abbott[22]; Florence, Kentucky

19. 7N-Conard Newman[9]; Frankfort, Ohio

20. 27-Darrell Newman[1]; Frankfort, Ohio

21. 15M-Michael Freimuth[3]; Taylor Mill, Kentucky 

22. 47G-Jerry Gibson III[8]; Crittenden, Kentucky 

23. 44B-Troy Bellomo[18]; Cincinnati, Ohio

24. 41H-Matthew Hafer[15] Burlington, Kentucky 

B Feature 1 (8 Laps): 1. 34-Christopher Meyer[1]; 2. 98P-Tyler Phipps[4]; 3. A66-Brett Abbott[6]; 4. 77G-Brian Gilardi[3]; 5. 3-Josh Henderson[8]; 6. 7M-Jesse McHone[2]; 7. 119-Daniel Faulkner Jr[5]; 8. 132-Brandon Gibson Jr[7]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 27-Darrell Newman[5]; 2. 23D-Justin Dalton[4]; 3. 0N-Ryan Eversole[2]; 4. 54-Brandon Dalton[10]; 5. 77C-Gage Cropper[8]; 6. 23JR-Corbin Dalton[7]; 7. 34-Christopher Meyer[1]; 8. 98P-Tyler Phipps[6]; 9. A66-Brett Abbott[3]; 10. 3-Josh Henderson[9]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 55A-Kyle Ashcraft[2]; 2. 47J-Jack Pflum[3]; 3. 31S-Kenny Stewart[5]; 4. 7N-Conard Newman[9]; 5. 41H-Matthew Hafer[4]; 6. 132X-Brandon Gibson Sr[6]; 7. 55G-Brandon Greenlee[10]; 8. 7M-Jesse McHone[7]; 9. 38B-Josh Blevins[8]; 10. 132-Brandon Gibson Jr[1]

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 6PAC-Chris Wise[1]; 2. 15M-Michael Freimuth[5]; 3. 47G-Jerry Gibson III[6]; 4. 95K-Jacob Todd[3]; 5. 51M-Kevin McCoy[8]; 6. 44B-Troy Bellomo[4]; 7. 3D-Cayden Dezarn[9]; 8. 77G-Brian Gilardi[7]; 9. 119-Daniel Faulkner Jr[2]

📸 Eric Arnett Photography



Prior to the running of the 2022 Battle for the Belt Feature at MRP raceway park, Jerry E Jewell from Diamond Cut Lawn Care collected & drew names from the kids in attendance. DJ Moses was selected as the winner and declared United States Champion and was brought to victory lane to get his photo taken with the 2022 Battle for the Belt Champion Brandon Gibson Jr.

Thanks again to Diamond Cut Lawn Care for all they do for local racing, and for making this young man's night.


Brandon Gibson Jr. got by the 15M of Michael Freimuth in the closing laps to win the Diamond Cut Lawn Care Care Battle for the Belt at MRP raceway park on July 29th, 2022. Heat Winners were: Michael Freimuth, Justin Dalton, Brandon Gibson Jr, Bubba Gibson & Jack Pflum. Brett Abbott won the $300 to win B-Feature for top non-transfers. 42 drivers from five states attempted to qualify for the $1,000 to-win event.

Battle for the Belt Finish ($1,000 to win 25 Laps):

1. 132-Brandon Gibson Jr[3]; Dry Ridge, KY

2. 15M-Michael Freimuth[1]; Taylor Mill, KY

3. 47J-Jack Pflum[5]; Cincinnati, OH

4. 6PAC-Chris Wise[11]; Thurman, OH

5. 23-Justin Dalton[2]; Burlington, KY

6. 31S-Kenny Stewart[7]; Hebron, KY

7. 32-Devin Puckett[10]; Georgetown, OH

8. 75K-Austin King[6]; Wallingford, KY

9. 75JR-Frankie King[18]; Wallingford, KY

10. 964-Jamie Harper[16]; Portsmouth, OH

11. 34M-Chris Meyer[21]; Wallingford, KY

12. 17D-Dustin Puckett Jr[12]; Wallingford, KY

13. 35-Cordell Moore[13]; Versailles, IN

14. 13F-Evan Doebrich[15]; Cincinnati, OH

15. 15D-Kyle Day[14]; Mount Orab, OH

16. C19-Patrick Willbarger[9]; Ravenswood, WV

17. (DNF) 6-Randy Wise[8]; Wilkesville, OH

18. (DNF) 23JR-Corbin Dalton[17]; Burlington, KY

19. (DNF) 98-Tyler Phipps[22]; Demossville, KY

20. (DNF) 95K-Jacob Todd[20]; Cincinnati, OH

21. (DNF) 47-Jerry Gibson III[4]; Crittenden, Kentucky

22. (DNF) 41H-Matthew Hafer[19] Burlington, KY

A Feature 2 (15 Laps): 1. A66-Brett Abbott[1]; 2. 83X-Seth Rager[5]; 3. 02JR-Patrick Alcorn[11]; 4. 03P-Gavan Palmer[9]; 5. 3H-Josh Henderson[7]; 6. 99-Adam Miller[20]; 7. 1K-Dustin Keaton[2]; 8. 55G-Brandon Greenlee[15]; 9. 9R-Logan Reinhardt[4]; 10. 38V-Ashley VanWinkle[14]; 11. 24W-Will Breving[3]; 12. 911D-Tony Dunn Jr[6]

B Feature 1 (10 Laps): 1. 964-Jamie Harper[4]; 2. 23JR-Corbin Dalton[1]; 3. 75JR-Frankie King[2]; 4. 41H-Matthew Hafer[8]; 5. 95K-Jacob Todd[3]; 6. A66-Brett Abbott[7]; 7. 98-Tyler Phipps[6]; 8. 1K-Dustin Keaton[5]; 9. 24W-Will Breving[9]; 10. 9R-Logan Reinhardt[11]; 11. 83X-Seth Rager[12]; 12. 911D-Tony Dunn Jr[13]; 13. 3H-Josh Henderson[18]; 14. 1-Ayden Tumbleson[17]; 15. (DNF) 03P-Gavan Palmer[15]; 16. (DNF) 18-Jay Orr[16]; 17. (DNF) 02JR-Patrick Alcorn[10]; 18. (DNF) 99-Adam Miller; 19. (DNF) 33M-Zach West[19]

C Feature 1 (8 Laps): 1. 18-Jay Orr[1]; 2. 1-Ayden Tumbleson[6]; 3. 3H-Josh Henderson[2]; 4. 33M-Zach West[10]; 5. 38V-Ashley VanWinkle[5]; 6. 55G-Brandon Greenlee[11]; 7. (DNF) 79-Anthony Torres[3]; 8. (DNF) 369-Matt Starkey[8]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 15M-Michael Freimuth[2]; 2. 75K-Austin King[1]; 3. 6PAC-Chris Wise[4]; 4. 23JR-Corbin Dalton[6]; 5. 98-Tyler Phipps[5]; 6. 9R-Logan Reinhardt[7]; 7. 18-Jay Orr[3]; 8. 1-Ayden Tumbleson[8]; 9. 55G-Brandon Greenlee[9]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 23-Justin Dalton[3]; 2. 31S-Kenny Stewart[4]; 3. 17D-Dustin Puckett Jr[2]; 4. 75JR-Frankie king[5]; 5. A66-Brett Abbott[8]; 6. 83X-Seth Rager[7]; 7. 3H-Josh Henderson[9]; 8. 77B-Paul Breving[6]; 9. (DNS) 34M-Chris Meyer

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 132-Brandon Gibson Jr[2]; 2. 6-Randy Wise[4]; 3. 35-Cordell Moore[1]; 4. 95K-Jacob Todd[3]; 5. 41H-Matthew Hafer[8]; 6. 911D-Tony Dunn Jr[6]; 7. 79-Anthony Torres[7]; 8. (DNF) 369-Matt Starkey[5]

Heat 4 (8 Laps): 1. 47-Jerry Gibson III[4]; 2. C19-Patrick Willbarger[2]; 3. 15D-Kyle Day[1]; 4. 964-Jamie Harper[3]; 5. 24W-Will Breving[5]; 6. (DNF) 28P-Nathan pennington[8]; 7. (DNF) 43S-Danny Silvis[6]; 8. (DNF) 99-Adam Miller[7]

Heat 5 (8 Laps): 1. 47J-Jack Pflum[2]; 2. 32-Devin Puckett[3]; 3. 13F-Evan Doebrich[7]; 4. 1K-Dustin Keaton[4]; 5. 02JR-Patrick Alcorn[6]; 6. 03P-Gavan Palmer[5]; 7. 38V-Ashley VanWinkle[8]; 8. (DNF) 33M-Zach West[1]

Qualifying 1 (3 Laps): 1. 6PAC-Chris Wise, 00:16.308[32]; 2. 31S-Kenny Stewart, 00:16.516[25]; 3. 6-Randy Wise, 00:16.566[15]; 4. 47-Jerry Gibson III, 00:16.626[22]; 5. 1K-Dustin Keaton, 00:16.672[38]; 6. 18-Jay Orr, 00:16.748[41]; 7. 23-Justin Dalton, 00:16.762[34]; 8. 95K-Jacob Todd, 00:16.775[36]; 9. 964-Jamie Harper, 00:16.799[39]; 10. 32-Devin Puckett, 00:16.834[40]; 11. 15M-Michael Freimuth, 00:16.966[7]; 12. 17D-Dustin Puckett Jr, 00:16.989[27]; 13. 132-Brandon Gibson Jr, 00:17.036[2]; 14. C19-Patrick Willbarger, 00:17.058[28]; 15. 47J-Jack Pflum, 00:17.073[10]; 16. 75K-Austin King, 00:17.087[26]; 17. 34M-Chris Meyer, 00:17.134[20]; 18. 35-Cordell Moore, 00:17.160[23]; 19. 15D-Kyle Day, 00:17.219[31]; 20. 33M-Zach West, 00:17.263[30]; 21. 98-Tyler Phipps, 00:17.302[21]; 22. 75JR-Frankie king, 00:17.308[17]; 23. 369-Matt Starkey, 00:17.418[19]; 24. 24W-Will Breving, 00:17.421[16]; 25. 03P-Gavan Palmer, 00:17.429[11]; 26. 23JR-Corbin Dalton, 00:17.533[9]; 27. 77B-Paul Breving, 00:17.652[18]; 28. 911D-Tony Dunn Jr, 00:17.683[29]; 29. 43S-Danny Silvis, 00:17.830[6]; 30. 02JR-Patrick Alcorn, 00:17.834; 31. 9R-Logan Reinhardt, 00:17.871[3]; 32. 83X-Seth Rager, 00:17.878[13]; 33. 79-Anthony Torres, 00:17.885[8]; 34. 99-Adam Miller, 00:17.995[33]; 35. 13F-Evan Doebrich, 00:18.363[5]; 36. 1-Ayden Tumbleson, 00:18.366[14]; 37. A66-Brett Abbott, 00:18.379[4]; 38. 41H-Matthew Hafer, 00:18.518[1]; 39. 28P-Nathan Pennington, 00:19.150[37]; 40. 38V-Ashley VanWinkle, 00:19.265[12]; 41. 55G-Brandon Greenlee, 00:19.903[35]; 42. 3H-Josh Henderson, 00:33.402[24]

The Mid Ohio Valley Front Wheel Drive Championship is here!

The Mid Ohio Valley Front Wheel Drive Championship Presented by Sycamore Home Inspection of Marietta is here! The five-race mini-series will take place at premier facilities across the Mid-Ohio Valley region with an emphasis on the MOV racer's best interest. All events are scheduled within close proximity of one another, while not stepping on the toes of the national Sport Compact events. 

The inaugural MOV FWD Championship Presented by Sycamore Home Inspection of Marietta champion will walk away with $1,000 for their efforts, while second will receive $500, with $250 guaranteed for third. The 2022 season will kick off Saturday, May 7th at Tyler County Speedway with a $700 to win feature event. It's also Ladies Night at Tyler Speedway, so make sure you bring a date, as all ladies will get 1/2 off general admission.

Mid-Ohio Valley FWD Championship Presented by Sycamore Home Inspection Schedule: 
- May 7th - Tyler County - $700 
- May 27th - Ohio Valley Speedway - Washington, WV - $500 
- June 3-4th - West Virginia Motor Speedway - $500 w/ Lucas Oil 50k show 
- June 25th - Skyline Speedway - Stewart, Ohio - $1000 - MOV vs DRC 
-Aug 26st - Ohio Valley Speedway - Washington, WV - $700 

 Point Distribution: 30-28-27-26-25-24-23-22-21-20-19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-11-10

WE VS ME - 12/6/21 - Toby Hallett

If you are a race fan, this past weekend certainly stood out on the calendar with potential, and for December one that most were looking forward to. The 5th  Gateway Dirt Nationals inside the Dome at Americas Center in St Louis, Missouri, and for those who follow pavement the 54th Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida. 

These two events couldn’t be farther apart in the racing world even if one was raced on Mars. There is almost zero connection between the two events, this parallels their connection in the racing world. I’ve been a fan of both for so long now I didn’t even know this existed or didn’t care to see it, maybe that makes me part of the problem as well?

The Gateway Dirt Nationals are the WWE of the racing world, wild personalities driving on a surface that lends itself to flipping a fellow competitor more than it does to actually racing for wins in the Late Model division and it certainly gets people engaged in the social media world. The modified races resemble Rally Cross in part due to the hard-ass sidewall tire and horsepower they are now racing with and then there are the midgets. When you throw out 80 invitations for a 10k to win race and only 20 show up for the event it's not hard to understand why the promoters have decided they will not be on the card for 2022 but seems likely that is subject to change. They put on the best show of the weekend, but you could understand why they are scheduled to go away.  This place brings out the hate, but it also brings out the one thing both need to survive and grow, engagement. Tyler Carpenter once again took home the dirt late model portion of the event and will now have an opportunity to race for Niece Motorsports at Knoxville in a Camping World Truck Series ride. Tyler was also fined for wearing Hey Dudes shoes instead of racing shoes on his prelim night, a small penalty to pay for some free swag I guess, or the #42 Hey Dudes truck in June. See how this works?

Sunday at 5 Flags Speedway it was the complete opposite, Dereck Thorn fresh off his 3rd consecutive pole of the Snowball Derby ran off and hid for 287 laps of the 300 lapper. A race he wouldn’t win, determined mostly by a caution run rule that brings out a caution for tires for every 75 consecutive green flag laps. Chandler Smith was able to run him up the track on the restart and ran away with the victory. There wasn’t any screaming into the mic after the race from either driver, in fact, it was pretty damn mundane for what went down. Chandler had no problem telling the world why he did it, and Thorn acknowledged it sucked for him. 4 hours later Ricky Brooks made it official and now we all move on. Smith already has a Camping World Truck Series ride, and now a Snowball Derby win but does that propel him to something bigger? A few social posts about the tech process and a few discussing moving a guy for a win is all that trickled across the social platforms.

Pavement short track racing has a major problem, it's not a new problem at all, but when you have a superstar in Bubba Pollard opening his weekend comments by openly telling the press if he wins he is going dirt racing full time. Retiring legend Rich Bickle openly questioning why they are still racing for peanuts compared to the dirt world and a decline of money influx since the 90’s it makes you wonder why this is happening. Without speaking in certainties, the Snowball Derby is a successful one when you judge it without opening the books, sold-out crowds, pits full of racecars, and a pay per view partnership (including a renewal for 2 more years) with Racing America, so why does this race pay less to win than a mid-tier Dirt Late Model event?

Drivers from all over this country and Canada come to 5 Flags every year and say it, they need bigger purses. Admittedly this is based on the Southeast pavement scene I am most familiar with. I haven’t gone searching for driver quotes about the lack of big money purses from the Midwest or East/West Coast races but I’m sure they are there. The Southern Super Series has a 15 race schedule for next year with increased purse money and bonuses and that’s a damn good start! You have to start somewhere and the promoters know that but still have trouble implementing it. 

Matt Weaver of Racing America works his ass off, he has to. There is no long list of pavement journalists ready to tell the stories of the 4-hour tech line, no one else there to ask what it feels like leading 287 laps and getting moved for the biggest race win of the year. I can’t imagine being one of the few champions of a sport and single-handedly trying to give the fans and drivers (not at an event) the story. The dirt racing world doesn’t have that problem, hell they have built personalities that tell the stories sometimes over the top and are ridiculous, but they have plenty of talent to help support those drivers and fans.

Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, OH will once again hold The Eldora Million for dirt late models in June of 2022, over 1.9 million dollars in purse money is already posted for that race plus the Dream the same week. FOUR DAYS OF RACING,  you could race a pavement late model 365 days next year you won’t even get close to racing for 1.9 million dollars in posted purses.

Walk in the Dome or turn on the subscription-based FloRacing via FloSports and you immediately get your answer. Corporate sponsorships adorn banners, are prominently placed on the graphics packages and hit every commercial spot. Flo has the appearance of a real partner to these promoters. The influx of money is right there for the world to see. Dirt racing purses on a national level are thriving and it’s in part thanks to the strong media presence surrounding them. That comes with consequences though, there are no less than 4 companies vying for your subscription or PPV money on a nightly basis in the Summer. Four companies with record money purses in 2022 all trying to be the premier streaming platform for Dirt Super Late Models all while local racing (including Dirt Super Late Models) struggle mightily to survive on life support. There is not much of a trickle-down effort with any of these companies, it’s a race to get the fan support not a race to see who can help all of dirt racing survive.

Why was a company like FloSports attractive to NASCAR when negotiating the NASCAR Roots programming? It's much likely deeper seeded than I am willing to dig up but it’s certainly conceivable the Race Team Alliance would have loved to have that programming on their newly rebranded platform Racing America. 

Pavement short track racing has a “we” problem, dirt track racing has a “me” problem and even if they switched sides I’m no longer convinced anything would change.

HWFG - 11/28/21 - Toby Hallett


Life sometimes takes the long way around to get you right back to where you always wanted to be, this is one of those cases. There have been many stops along the way that kept me engaged with the sport of auto racing but admittedly I haven’t been around it as much as I would like the past few years. Maybe that was a needed break, maybe that was the right amount of distance to keep focused on the silly things life brings you outside of the track, but one thing is for certain, I’M BACK.

I’m sure a lot of you don’t know who I am and are wondering who the hell is this guy so allow me to give you a bit of a back story. I have been involved in just about every aspect of racing since 1990. I joined a street stock crew while in junior high and progressed to crew chief on UMP Mods and Late Models in Illinois. I was able to get behind the wheel or a crate late model in the late 2000s and even had a stint in the famed CJ Rayburn entry. Moving away from driving I was able to help promote a couple of tracks in Central Illinois and then moved on to work for a major racing safety device company for 5 years. I was able to do some writing as well along the way and to me, it was the most satisfying part of my racing career. We moved from Central Illinois to Northwest Florida in 2019 and now it's time to get back to what I really enjoy.

No this isn’t some sort of announcement about returning to drive, returning to crew, or anything like that, I am back to sitting down at a computer to let the world see how I see auto racing, in written form. A few folks have encouraged me to get back to writing over the last couple of years, but I really just didn’t have the motivation. It’s been tough watching things unfold on the track from afar over the last couple of years and one thing I’ve noticed is there just aren’t enough people telling the stories of short track racing.

Maybe telling the stories of short track racing sets the wrong tone of what I will provide weekly thanks to Jody Shannon and, you will be getting my unfiltered thoughts of events and drivers and not some rainbows and unicorns version of journalism. You see, one of my favorite people on planet Earth, Robin Miller passed away earlier this year and I knew after watching how he carried himself even in his final days that I wanted to return to writing. We all still miss you, Robin. 

There is a chance the world doesn’t need a grassroots writer, with everyone doing their best to kill local late model racing (spoiler alert, it's dead) but here I am, ready to give my opinion on all things racing. This will be a weekly column dedicated to anything and everything auto racing. Anything from Stephen Nasse getting ripped off by officials at the upcoming Snowball Derby to the “Gorilla” Dave Smoot bringing an "illegal car" to the King of Compacts and everything in between. So sit down, strap in and enjoy the ride. Follow me on the Twitter machine @tobyhallettDRC for more info.

7th Annual King of Compacts at Moler Raceway Park

8-26-16 - Williamsburg, OH - A field of 55 Crazy Compacts signed in to challenge to become the “King of Compacts” at Moler Raceway Park. With the field separated into 6 heat races, the racers would have to race into feature events using the passing points format. Jerry Gibson III would win heat race #1 while Brad Miller would take the checkers in heat #2. In the 3rd heat, it was Kevin Stamper taking the win while Jessica Gibson was victorious in heat #4. The final two heats would see Brad Hoskins and Kyle Willoughby taking the wins. The top 8 cars in passing points would take part in the Alsip Masonry Dash event that would set the lineup for the first 4 rows of the feature event. In the Dash, it was Stamper from his 4th starting spot taking the win and the extra cash. There would be 2 B-Mains to round out the field and it was Kyle Eversole taking the win in B-main #1 while Adam Wheeler would win the second B-main event. 

The 30 lap feature event would see Chris Shelton Jr out front at the green and he would lead the first 6 laps despite lots of pressure from Stamper. The feature event would be slowed numerous times for relatively minor issues early in the event. Lap 7 would see Jerry Gibson III climb to the top spot from his 10th starting position. A wild accident on lap 22 would see David Smith flip in turn #3 bringing the field to a stop. 

On the restart, many of the top contenders would fall by the wayside and the leader Jerry Gibson III would begin slowing due to an overheating engine. Lap 26 would see Kyle Willoughby of Dry Ridge, KY take over the top spot and set sail to collect his first feature win in the biggest compact event in the region. In victory lane, the Willoughby Tree Service, AutoMasters, Finn Fabrication machine would not only get the trophy but he was also officially “crowned” King Kyle II” by last year’s winner Chris Shelton Sr. While in victory lane he would also receive the unofficial drink of the “King of Compacts” a bottle of Crown Royal as well as $500 bonus put up by the Hensley Family and the folks at Kentucky Auto Service. Chris Shelton Jr would come home in the second position with Jerry Gibson III, Blake Gibson, and Brandon Stephens completing the top five spots. In the “Jester 12” event for non-qualifiers, it was Bryson Clark of North Vernon, Ind taking the win.

Story by: Mike Goins
Photo Credit: Steve Alcorn

6th Annual King of Compacts Held at Moler Raceway Park

6th Annual King of Compacts Held at Moler Raceway Park

6th Annual King of Compacts Held at Moler Raceway Park 8-21-15 Williamsburg, Ohio - The 6th annual event featuring the front-wheel-drive compact competitors would see a strong field of cars on hand to battle it out for the opportunity to be Crowned King. In heat #1 it was Dry Ridge, Ky's Blake Gibson taking the win over Villa Hills driver Kevin Pennick. In heat race #2 it was Kettering, Ohio's Nic Barrett with the win over “King Bubba”(Jerry Gibson III). The 3rd and final heat would see Chris Shelton Sr. of Maysville Ky take the win over Tony Reed of Florence,Ky. The top 6 cars in passing points would move on to the $200 to win Alsip Masonry dash event which would also set the order for the first 3 rows of the feature. The starting order of the dash was done by a blind draw on the front stretch immediately before the race and it was Tony Reed and Nic Barrett starting in row #1 of the dash. Reed would jump to the lead at the green flag with Chris Shelton Sr. in close pursuit. An accident on lap 3 would claim Blake Gibson as a victim and would end his evening. On the restart, it was Reed the leader but high point man and 6th place starter King Bubba up to 2nd position with Bloomington, Indiana's Greg Garrison charging to 3rd. With two laps remaining Garrison would take the lead and go on to claim the winning money and the pole position of the 20 lap feature event. 

At the drop of the green flag it was Garrison out front with “King Bubba” in pursuit. On lap #4 Gibson would make contact with Garrison spinning in the front stretch wall. Gibson was put on the tail and Garrison's night was over. On the restart, it was Tony Reed the leader with Chris Shelton Sr. in close pursuit. The top two would stay nose to tail throughout most of the features. Following a lap #14 caution for the stopped machine of Carson Freeman the battle up front became more intense. On the restart, the top cars would race side by side until a lap #17 caution for Zach Bandstutter. Shelton would take control of the top spot on the restart. As the green flag waved for the 3 lap shootout it was Nic Barrett taking over the second position and putting pressure on the leader but to no avail, as Chris Shelton Sr. would go on to claim the win in the prestigious event put on by crew. In addition to $1,000 in winnings, Shelton would also claim a 5ft trophy courtesy of Diamond Cut Lawn Care, A set of jack stands from Taterbuilt, a new George Foreman Grill, as well as the most prestigious item of all the Crown and the Title of King Chris VI. Barrett would come home in 2nd position with Reed, Bill Gibson, Ryan Eversole (who started 18th) completing the top 5 running order. 

Story by: Mike Goins 
Photo Credit: Steve Alcorn

5th Annual King Of Compacts A Success At MRP

5th Annual King Of Compacts A Success At MRP

The annual night at the races was one of the most anticipated nights on the racing schedule for 2014 and it didn’t disappoint those in attendance. With 38 front-wheel-drive compacts in attendance and the use of passing points in the heat races, there was lots of action to take in. In heat race #1 it was Crittenden, Ky’s Jerry “Rooster” Gibson Jr jumping to the lead early and cruising to the victory while Jeffersonville, Ohio’s Brad Miller would charge forward from his 7th starting spot to claim the win in heat #2. Heat #3 would see Burlington, Ky’s Ryan Eversole take the win while Bloomington, Indiana’s Greg Garrison would take the checkers in heat #4. In the Alsip Masonry Dash for the top six in heat race points, it was the “Rooster” taking the win and the $200. B-mains were won by Kevin Penick and Rex Smith Jr. while Drew Thiel won the Diamond Cut Lawn Care “Best of the Rest” race for nonqualifiers. In the feature event not only was $1,000 on the line for the winner but lead lap money for every lap as well as the prestige and honor of being known as a “King”. 

At the drop of the green flag, it was the “Rooster” jumping out front with TJ Dalton in pursuit. The Dillard Media Caution flag would wave on lap #3 as TJ Dalton would get into turn 2 wall and slow. On the restart, it was still Gibson Jr out front with Eversole and Garrison in tow. Lap 8 would see a brief red flag as Dustin Pucket Jr. would roll over on the front stretch and would attempt to drive away. Following the red flag, it was much of the same as the Endurance Motorsports G1 machine would be on cruise control and set sail for the checkered flag only to be derailed by a last-lap caution as Clyde Pack lost a wheel in turn #4 and would come to a stop in a dangerous spot. On the restart, Jerry Gibson Jr would go on to claim the title of “King Rooster” and become the fifth different winner in the prestigious event. Eversole would claim second with Garrison, Billy Gibson, and Richard Dalton completing the top five spots.

Story by: Mike Goins
Photo Credit: Steve Alcorn

Racing's biggest threat: The very people who love it the most

The million-dollar question, “What's wrong with racing today?”. Cost is an obvious issue and an even easier answer. Some think greedy promoters, and overpowering series are a problem. They may be, they may not be. The truth is, we are the problem. The kind of people that love racing so passionately we would give anything to be at the track instead of being elsewhere. We spend our last dime to see a big race, have hundreds of dollars in apparel of drivers and events, and fight with others about weekend plans because we are definitely going to be at the races regardless of what they say.

Why? The age of communication, and the lack of willpower to bite our tongues instead of putting a racetrack or a racer on blast for the world to see because of our great passion. I'm 100% guilty of this myself over previous years, but I came to the conclusion that my internet tirades were pointless. I was going back the next week, so all I was doing was hurting the sport and the track that I love so dearly. Two weeks ago I was at a local track, not my home track, and not a track I frequent very often. They did the most bizarre, and disrespectful thing to the driver I was there supporting. It was awful and extremely unprofessional. I would have loved nothing more than to come home, get on Facebook and tell everybody that could see just how terrible it was. What would it have done for me? I wasn't going back, I knew the driver probably wasn't going back. What would I have to gain by trying to make them suffer?

We are the problem. If we could all collectively settle ourselves just long enough to take a breath and think, “Is this really the right thing to do? Is it going to do me any good at all?”, racing wouldn't be suffering quite as bad as it is. Are we 100 percent of the problem, lord no. But as we all watch the sport we love, that we've spent our lives following dwindle off to nothing, all we can do is hurt it with harsh and quick reactions. Fans, Drivers, Pit Crew Members, and even track staff are included. Every little nook and cranny of rules, procedures, or policies that tracks have to end up giving somebody the wrong end of the stick, eventually.

The absolute second it does, we blow up the internet like the world is going to end. And then we turn around, drive right back down that same road to the same racetrack we swore was the worst place in the country. And even go as far as to say “Well I'm going but I hope they don't have anybody there”. How backward is that? You want to go and pay your hard-earned money to watch nobody race, have none of your friends there from over the years to socialize with? Sounds insane, doesn't it? But it's truthfully a weekly occurrence all over the country.

The worst part? 90 percent of it isn't of anything that's relatively important. We take a rainout policy that we didn't like and we act like a driver just got flipped over on purpose, and the promoter just looked on and started laughing at the guy as he was crawling from his destroyed car. It's madness. A rule that's been in place all season long, that everybody's been going by all year long bites the wrong guy, and the driver and all of the drivers fans just brutalize the track publicly. Whatever happened to just going elsewhere? Taking your business elsewhere is point enough without blowing up the internet with your negative thoughts.

“What's wrong with racing?” I AM. But I won't be anymore, will you?

-Caring and loving fan of dirt racing.

This article was sent to us by an anonymous race fan who asked to have their identity concealed. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, The DRC. 

DRC King of Compact Night a Success at MRP

With lots of extra money on the line and the prestige of winning the King of Compact race, there were many cars on hand trying to claim the crown. At the start of the night, there were 33 total cars and 3 previous Kings on hand to do battle. Starting with 4 heat races at the beginning of the night the action would be tight and furious to not only make it into the feature but to place in the top two positions and qualify for the $200 winner take all Alsip Masonry Dash for Cash event prior to the A-main event. Heat #1 was won by Kyle Purdy of Maysville, Ky. In heat race #2 it was Lucas Jackson of North, Vernon Indiana taking the win from his seventh starting position showing he was a guy to be watched. In the third heat race, it was Mt Orab, Ohio’s Clyde Pack taking the checkered flag while Bradley Miller of Jeff, Ohio winning heat race #4. In the dash event, it was Lucas Jackson taking the win and the $200 bonus over Purdy, Austin Burton, and Miller. The last chance races were won by Ryan Eversole and Keegan Cox. The cars not transferring to the A-main event ran a Diamond Cut Lawn Care “Best of the Rest” race and it was Kevin Stamper winning that event. 

In the feature it was a 24-car starting field and Jackson would lead the first four laps and take the extra lap money provided to the lap leaders but it was Purdy who would make the pass stick and lead beginning on lap #5. The first caution would wave on lap 12 as Colin Green would get sideways and make contact with Matt Murrell sending the Sardinia, Ohio driver over onto his side for the second time this season. On the restart, it was again Purdy out front but past Kings Jerry Gibson III and Rex Smith Jr were the guys on the move as they went from their 13th and 15th starting positions to fifth and sixth on the restart. Once the white flag waved things got exciting as Jackson would make contact with Purdy in Turn #1 and take the lead as the two cars headed down the backstretch. As they came off of turn #4 Purdy repaid the contact and actually passed Jackson who would spin across the line in the second spot. In victory lane, it was Kyle Purdy being presented his crown by last year's King, Willie Butler. In addition to the $1,000 prize for first place and the jeweled crown, Purdy would take home over $300 in bonus money that the had also raised. Jackson would get the second spot followed by Miller, Burton, and Smith.

Story by: Mike Goins
Photo Credit: Steve Alcorn

DRC King of the Crazy Compacts Night at MRP a Rousing Success

DRC King of the Crazy Compacts Night at MRP a Rousing Success 

8-24-12 - DRC King of the Compacts Night at Moler Raceway Park and there were lots of activities going on at the speedway. In addition to reduced admission for the fans it was DARF night at the ¼ mile speed plant as well as an Autograph session on the front stretch and Racers Feeding Families Food Drive along with Racers in Christ bringing their bounce house and lots of fun for the kids. Everything was a huge success and thanks to everyone who participated in all the special activities this night. The DRC would join with several sponsors for lots of giveaways and additional money in all classes. The food drive set a new record as racers and fans contributed enormously to help those in need locally. The evening got started with the featured class of the night and that was the Crazy Compacts and the DRC King of the Compact race paying $1,000 plus a new Bell Racing Helmet to the winner. 

With 31 cars on hand, the drivers were going to have to race their way into the feature event and that started with 4 preliminary heat races. Winning the heats were Tommy Cox of Jeffersonville, Ohio, Rex Smith Jr of Bainbridge, Ohio, Bryson Clark of North Vernon, Indiana, and Willie Butler. In the last chance event, it was AJ Clark while Josh “Hacksaw” Shaw won the “Cheaters” race. In the feature event, there were 23 cars taking the green flag and the racing was fast and furious all the way through the field. For the first few laps it was Justin Dalton out front with Cox and Clark right there with him. Lap #5 would see a scary incident as Kyle Purdy flipped several times in turn four. On the restart it looked as though Clark would take the win as he led the next 14 laps with only Rex Smith and Willie Butler in pursuit. On the white flag lap Willie Butler would get underneath Clark going into turn #1 and as they raced down the backstretch the crowd was on its feet to see what would happen. As they exited turn 4 and headed to the checkers it would be Willie Butler claiming not only the $1,000 but all of the Royalty that would come along with winning the “King of the Compact” race. Clark would come home second with Smith, Dana Moore, and AJ Clark rounding out the top five spots.

Story By: Mike Goins 
Photo Credit: Steve Alcorn

Bubba Gibson wins first career feature at King of Compacts II!

King of Compacts II 
Brushcreek Motorsports Complex 
September 24th, 2011

1. Bubba Gibson
2. Gary Rowland
3. Randy Johnson
4. Keith Anderson
5. Jeff Rankin
6. Tyler Smith
7. Cole Demint
8. Brian Gilardi
9. Joe Smith 
10. Kyle Purdy

Rex Smith Jr. crowned King of Compacts!

Rex Smith Jr. crowned King of Compacts!

The action returned to the 1/3 mile speed plant three miles south of Peebles Ohio on Saturday, September 25 with recession fan appreciation and King of Compacts. As part of recession fan appreciation, fans were let into general admission for just $10 per carload and the large crowd was treated to a driver meet and greet on the track after all heat races and B-mains had been completed.

Jody Shannon of came on board as part of the special night adding bonuses in the crazy compact and late model classes and throwing out several items to the fans during the night.

We have long talked about doing a night like this, and I felt with our resources and know-how, we can make this a special event for racers and fans; explained Jody Shannon. sponsors for the night included Cincinnati Auto Examiner, Auto Glass Resources, H.E.A.T Heat Equipment & Technology,,, Exsell Realty Group, The Race Blogger's World, Sawyer Tile and Flooring, The Dillow Family, and Kent Robinson Racing

As the warm fall day faded into the cool night action heated up on the high banks of Brushcreek Motorsports Complex.. Bainbridge, Ohio's Rex Smith Jr. was crowned the first-ever DRC King of Compacts, Richmond, Indiana's "Insane" Duane Camberlian rocketed to the DRC 20 late model feature win. Winchester, Ohio’s John “Weasel” Rhoades stormed to the modified feature win, while Peebles Ohio’s Jim Helterbran took the bomber feature win and Peebles Ohio’s Dave Jamison rolled to the legend feature win. Peebles Ohio’s Gerald Campbell took the enduro win.

Randy Johnson and Kevin McKenzie brought “ King of Compacts” race to the green. McKenzie jumped out to the early lead followed Gerald Campbell. McKenzie held the point for the first two circuits with Campbell in tow. Coming through turn three on lap three Campbell drove in deep under McKenzie making contact that caused Mckenzie to spin bringing out the caution. McKenzie was unable to continue and Campbell was sent to the tail for causing the caution.

With McKenzie in the pits and Campbell on the tail that left Kyle Purdy on the point. After several failed attempts to restart the race they finally got started again. Kyle Purdy now had Bill Taylor in tow with Rex Smith Jr. Smith worked his way around Taylor and battled with Purdy for the lead the next seven circuits, pulling alongside several times but Purdy maintained the lead at the line each time. Coming down the backstretch on lap nine Smith got under Purdy and pulled ahead to claim the lead at the halfway mark. Once in front, Smith began to stretch his lead over the final ten circuits holding on to pick up the inaugural DRC King of Compacts crown. Following Rex Smith Jr. across the line were Kyle Purdy, Bill Taylor, Rusty Hawes, Cole Demint. Picking up the win from his thirteenth starting position Rex Smith Jr. also claimed the C.A.R.E. hard charger award.

Chris Wilson and Mike Wilson brought “ 20” late model feature field to the green. Chris Wilson jumped out to the early lead. The action was quickly slowed with a lap three caution when Joey Dunseith looped his 21* in turn one. On the restart, Wilson maintained a small lead over Rick Combs and Mike Wilson. Combs made the move past Wilson down the backstretch but a quick caution before the lap was complete put Combs back to second.

On the Restart, C. Wilson maintained the lead with Combs in tow. Combs finally moved by the front running Wilson on lap eight. Combs held the point while a three-way battle for third between C. Wilson Duane Chamberlin and Mike Wilson brewed. The Action was slowed with a lap eleven caution when the 01 of Arnie Fields rolled to a stop.

On the Restart, Combs maintained the advantage over Mike Wilson who slide by Duane Chamberlin for second. Chamberlin would quickly regain second and chase Combs the next four laps before taking the lead on lap sixteen. A lap 18 caution slowed the action for the final time.

On the restart, Duane Chamberlain held off Mike Wilson and held on over the final laps to pick up “ 20” late model feature win. Following Duane Chamberlin across the line were Mike Wilson, Chris Wilson, Barry Doss, and Wayne Chinn rounding out the top five.

David McWilliams and Mike Gross brought the modified feature field to the green. McWilliams jumped out to the early lead. McWillams held the point early while sixth-starting Weasel Rhoades worked his way towards the front. By lap three Rhoades had found his way to the rear deck lid of front running McWilliams. A lap five caution slowed the action when TJ Scultz lost the handle on his #34 machine.

On the restart, Rhoades shot by McWilliams in turn two to claim the point. Once out front Rhoades stretched his lead and held on to pick up the feature win. Following Rhoades across the line were Dave McWilliams, Matt Hamilton, Mike Gross, and Rick Hensley rounding out the top five.

Evan Seitz and Jim Helterbran brought the bomber feature field to the green. Helterbran jumped out to the early lead with Jamey Adams in tow. The action was quickly slowed with a lap three caution when the 7k of Mark Keatzel rolled to a stop on the front stretch with a flat tire.

On the restart, Helterbran held a slight lead over Adams. The duo battled for the lead over the next seven circuits before Adams night ended prematurely when he went pit side on lap ten with a flat tire. Helterbran held off a late-race charge by Brad McCown to pick up the feature win. Following Helterbran across the line were Brad McCown, Richard Trego, Evan Seitz, and Perry Dearing rounding out the top five.

Dave Jamison and Kevin Schoonover brought the legend feature field to the green. Jamison jumped out to the early lead followed by Steven Partin, Pierce Foster, and Kevin Schoonover. An early caution waved when Schoonover and Foster got together in turn two. Foster would continue but Schoonover would go pit side.

On the restart, Jamison maintained the lead over Partin, Matt Nichols, and John Gutman. The action was slowed with a lap seven caution when John Gutman rolled to a stop on the front stretch.

On the restart, Jamison maintained his advantage and held on over the final laps to pick up the feature win. Following Jamison across the line were Peirce Foster, Tom Partin, Steven Partin, and Matt Nichols rounding out the top five.

Action Returns to the high banks of Brushcreek Motorsports Complex Friday, October 1, and Saturday, October 2 with the Billy Bob weekend.

The 2010 event will kick off Friday, October 1. The night before the Billy Bob is complete one day show consisting of late models $1,500 to win, plus modifieds and legends. General admission is $15. Pit admission is $30. Pit Gates open at 3 P.M. General admission gates open at 5 P.M and drivers meeting at 5 P.M. hot laps at 5:30

Saturday, October 2 the region's top dirt late model racers will remove their tops for the running of the annual topless Bob Race paying a possible $15,000 to win this year. The 2010 Billy Bob race will consist of two 50 lap 7,500 to win feature races. The first feature race will be lined up using qualifying, heat races, and B-mains. The cars that finish the first feature will be 100 % inverted. The cars that don't finish the first feature but start the second feature will be lined up behind the inverted cars from the first feature. There will be a 30-minute break after the first feature to prep the track for the second 50 lap feature.

Other classes running on October 2 include modifieds and crazy compacts. General admission is $20. Pit admission is $35. Pit Gate opens at 2 P.M. General admission gate opens at 3 P.M. Drivers Meeting at 3:30 P.M. Hot laps at 4 P.M. Other activities on Saturday include a free lunch in the pits from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM for drivers who stayed the night. There will also be a costume contest Saturday night.

For more information on Brushcreek Motorsports Complex and the Bill Bob Race weekend visit the Brushcreek Motorsports website at or call the track office at 937-544-3344. Brushcreek Motorsports Complex is located 3 miles south of Peebles, Ohio on OH 41

The Summary

DRC King of Compacts 13 entries

Heat #1 - Randy Johnson, Bill Taylor, Gerald Campbell, Rusty Demint, Jim Chandler, Kevin Shanks, Rex Smith Jr.
Heat #2 - Kevin McKenzie, Kyle Purdy, Tyler Smith, Rusty Hawes, Cole Demint, Gaige Aldridge

Feature - Rex Smith Jr., Kyle Purdy, Bill Taylor, Rusty Hawes, Cole Demint, Rusty Demint, Gaige Aldridge, Kevin Shanks, Gerald Campbell, Tyler Smith, Kevin McKenzie, Randy Johnson

DRC 20 Late Models - 36 entries
Top 4 from each heat and B-main advance to feature

Heat #1 - Chris Wilson, Wayne Chinn, Ralph Withem, Shane Newman, Dillion Huron, Paul Moore, Arnie Fields, Mike Unger, Brian Gray
Heat #2 - Mike Wilson, Kevin Wagner, Chad Smith, Joey Duseith, Brian Huron, Joe Witt, Jeff Simonton, Chris Shannon, Tim Carpenter
Heat #3 - Barry Doss, Robby Hensley, Shannon Rose, Kenneth Howell, Daniel Kattine, Darrell Reno, Joel Whitaker, Larry Seymour, Josh Tidwell (DNS)
Heat #4 - Rick Combs, Daune Chamberlin, Jeremy Crisp, Nick Corbitt, Howard Newman, Ricky Neace, Mark Morrison, Darren Kattine, Paul Davis

B-main - Dillon Huron, Daniel Kattine, Darrell Reno, Arnie Fields, Chris Shannon, Paul Moore, Jeff Simonton, Brian Gray, Tim Carpenter, Larry Seymour, Brian Huron, Joe Witt, Mike Unger, Joel Whitaker, Ricky Neace

Feature - Duane Chamberlin, Mike Wilson, Chris Wilson, Barry Doss, Wayne Chinn, Ralph Withem, Kenneth Howell, Dillion Huron, Kevin Wagner, Darrell Reno, Shannon Rose, Rick Combs, Daniel Kattine, Jeremy Crisp, Nick Corbitt, Arnie Fields, Shane Newman, Chad Smith, Robert Hensley, Joey Dunseith

Modifieds - 28 entries
Top 5 from each heat and B-main advance to feature

Heat #1 - David McWilliams, Dustin Webber, Billy Guillion, Adam Colley, Justin Maddox, Joe Brewer, Jeremy Lewis, Tim Lewis Jr., Donnie Smith
Heat #2 - Mike Gross, Matt Hamilton, Dave Jamison, Doug Popp, Davey Warnock, Rick Walker, Shaun Scott, Ben Aldridge, Justin Mullen
Heat #3 - Rick Hensley, Weasel Rhoades, Steve Clemmons, TJ Schultz, Chris Wilson, TJ Harper, Brandon Ramsey, Josh Edmisten, Kelly Lippert

B-Main - Joe Brewer, Josh Edmisten, Jeff Arnold, Ben Aldridge, Brandon Ramsey, TJ Harper, Shaun Scott, Tim Lewis Jr., Jeremy Lewis

Feature - Weasel Rhoades, Dave McWilliams, Matt Hamilton, Mike Gross, Rick Hensley, Davey Warnock, Dave Jamison, Doug Popp, Josh Edmisten, Adam Colley, Steve Clemmons, Jeff Arnold, Chris Wilson, Brandon Ramsey, TJ Schultz, Justin Maddox, Dustin Webber, Billy Gullion

Bombers - 24 entries

Heat #1 - Evan Seitz, Tim Cutler, Matt Edmisten, Daniel Pollard, Josh Francis, Derrick McClusky, Rick Butler, Jack Martin
Heat #2 - Jim Helterbran, Mark Keatzel, Mike Brust, Richad Trego, Perry Dearing, Eric Dearing, Phil Dowdy, John Rawlings
Heat # 3 - Jamey Adams, Brad McCown, Brandon Thompson, Danny Aldridge, Jason Mischke, Joesph Adkins

Feature - Jim Helterbran, Brad McCown, Richard Trego, Evan Seitz, Perry Dearing, Josh Francis, Mike Brust, Daniel Pollard, Jason Mischke, Matt Edmisten, Jack Martin, Mike Dowd, Rick Butler, Jamey Adams, Tim Cutler, Brandon Thompson, Mark Keatzel, Danny Aldridge, John Rawlings, Phil Dowdy, Joesph Adkins

Legends - 9 entries

Heat #1 - Dave Jamison, Steven Partin, Matt Nichols, Michael Friend, Tom Partin
Heat #2 - Kevin Schoonover, Pierce Foster, John Gutman, Rob Puckett

Feature - Dave Jamsion, Peirce Foster, Tom Partin, Steven Partin, Matt Nichols, Michael Friend, Rob Puckett, John Gutman, Kevin Schoonover

Story by: Mike Ross
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